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Because we need more and more accurate modeling of structures and hazards we decided to place this new edition under the auspices of optimization on one hand and of one of the most challenging hazard on the other hand: earthquake.
We have also the great opportunity to mutualize our event and the last VeRCoRs workshop that will be held from the 27th to the 31st of August. This will bring the participants the possibility to take benefit of the synthesis of the benchmark and a of a visit of the mock-up.
We encourage strongly researchers as well as industrial practioners to attend TINCE Conference as this event is devoted to be a place of exchange of knowledge and innovation coming from every corner of the civil engineering landscape.
Once aga in we invite PhD candidates to participate and present their work du ring the PhD Award session.
TINCE 2018: International conference on Technological Innovations in Nuclear Civil Engineering
29-31 August 2018, Paris-Saclay I France
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