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Days of Innovation in Biology (JIB) is now the place where imagination become true, where visions confront each other and expand themselves, where what is needed is made possible!

Medical biologists, practitioners, decision-makers, hospital and liberal leaders, visionary companies, innovative industrialists ... You all come to JIB to create the medical biology of tomorrow and build the future of medical biologists.

As you will see in this preliminary programme, JIB continue to follow its path set last year. With the highlighting of innovation of our sector, we have conceived a congress of high scientific quality on hot topics that animate the medical biology today ... in France and abroad, a direction we have strengthened this year.

The JIB 2019 DNA remains strongly marked by medical research, technological and organizational innovations, developments and challenges in medical biology to feed the reflection and build the future.

With a conviction, the profound changes in our health system present undeniable risks for medical biologists and their partners.

But they also offer a great opportunity to reposition the profession, as well as the place of medical biology in patients care.

We design these JIB with this spirit: lucidity of observations and analyzes, enthusiasm and confidence to invent our future, your future.

On 21 and 22 November 2019 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, JIB are ours!
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